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One of our aims at CaSS is to connect people to good resources that they might use when serving schools. These resources are grouped by subject and given below. There are so many ways to work alongside schools and in this section we have gathered a wide variety of ideas, lessons, links, organisations and aids. We hope you find them useful.


If you have found our resources helpful and would like to make a donation towards the work of CaSS, please visit our donation page, thank you.

We are constantly updating and adding to this information. We would love to know what you have found useful, where the gaps are and to add any resources that you are willing to share with others. Please feel free to contact us at with your suggestions or feedback. Thank you.

Please note that while many of the organisations and websites we signpost to are Christian, there are several which are not. We have included these non-Christian resources because they provide information and tools which we believe to be helpful for working in/with schools and young people.

Where to start?

Schoolwork UK's free resource Getting Started in Schools is highly recommended. They say: "We believe that schools are the one of the most significant places in which to be present as a Christian youth, children's worker or minister.  Download this pack to inspire you in your own work or for sharing with others you work with".

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