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Additional Needs

Amazing Things Happen

Amazing Things Happen is a Youtube animation giving an introduction to Autism that aims to raise awareness among young non-autistic audiences, to stimulate understanding and tolerance lin future generations. It is intended to be viewed, discussed and shared widely by anyone, but especially by teachers and parents. Click on the image or title to watch the video.

How are you feeling?

A free Lego emotions chart to print off - helping children to identify and talk about their feelings. Click on the image or title to visit the website.

SHEDS (Down's Syndrome)

The Sheffield Down Syndrome Support Group (SHEDS) is a support group for families who have a child with Down's syndrome and live in and around Sheffield. Their aim is for families to provide advice, support and friendship to each other and to exchange information on how to best support their children. The group is not a registered charity but is a voluntary support group affiliated to the national Down's Syndrome Association. Their members raise funds for activities through sponsored activities, and they also occasionally receive contributions from local businesses.

Singing Hands

Signing with Makaton: Suzanne and Tracy's unique and enthusiastic approach is designed to help develop someone's communication potential through music, songs, games & activities. They focus on learning language in a way that it is motivating, engaging and fun. They have classes, resources and educational concerts. Visit their website for more information by clicking on the logo or title.

The Diocese of St. Albans

Lots of information about working with young people with additional needs, from the Diocese of St Albans. Click on the image above to visit the website.

Urban Saints

Urban Saints is a Christian Youth movement and they have information on their website about being inclusive of young people with additional needs. Click on the image or title to visit the website.

Widgit Symbols

Download PDFs about various aspects of Christianity (including Easter and the Nativity) that use Widgit symbols (used by many people who cannot read). Some are free, some need to be purchased. Click on the image or title to find out more.

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