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School Transition

Starting school for the first time, and making the move from Primary to Secondary school can be a big deal for some children. Here are some ideas and resources to help them with the transition.

Greetings Cards for Starting at a New School

Sending a greetings card is a great way to encourage someone. Could you send cards to pupils starting at your local schools? Nice Things By Helena has several to choose from on her website. Or perhaps you might like to send the school staff a card? Check out cards for pupils and staff on the Methodist Flourish Schools website. They also have a card pack to help you let a young person know that you are praying for them as they start at their new school.

Guildford Cathedral Transition Event

Read this inspiring report on a transition event at Guildford Cathedral involving over 2000 children. There are some great ideas for activities to help children with the transition to secondary school.

It's Your Move - Your guide to moving to secondary school

'It’s Your Move!' has been given to over one million Y6 children across the UK each year since 2001, as part of a programme helping them make the transition from primary to secondary school. This revised edition features all-new real-life story profiles and articles, as well as more interactive elements. Scripture Union also provides 'It's Your Move' Assembly resources.

In this time of lockdown, Scripture Union has produced two videos about how to use It's Your Move which can be found on their website at the link above.

It's Your Next Step

Starting school is a big milestone in a small child's life, and It's Your Next Step provides children and their parents/carers with an opportunity to work through any issues or anxieties.

Moving on Up

Moving on Up, by Molly Potter, has lots of photocopiable ideas for schools running Y6 transition events. It may also provide inspiration to churches helping to run such events. The book seems to be unavailable to buy new online but you might be able to find it at your local library or secondhand either online or in a shop.

School Transition Box

CaSS has a School Transition Box with loads of ideas and items for schools to borrow. Email us if you are interested in borrowing it free of charge.

Small Fish Podcast

The Small Fish Podcast is a digital resource for staff, parents and carers. Get prepared with some content for discussion as those Year 6s prepare to enter the big pond in September! Click on the picture or title to visit the website for more information.

Spinnaker Trust

Spinnaker Trust has a resource called Moving on: The Change Challenge. It's an RE workshop to help children think through and process the issues which arise from changing school. Click on the logo to find out more.

Transition Activity Booklet

Download a printable A5 transition activity booklet, alongside teachers' notes, which have been developed in Sheffield by Kinder Kalsi, Fiona Walton & Phil Goodacre for use with Y6 children.

Values Bags

We have several 'values bags' available to borrow, each filled with wooden blocks (repurposed Jenga sets!) that have different values printed on them (Friendship / Respect / Trust / Courage / Creativity / Understanding etc). They are really tactile and there are loads of activities you could do with them while exploring young people's priorities and sense of self. Email us if you'd like to borrow them.

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