Praying for Schools

Fiona's prayer for Open the Book schools:


Fiona, Jacqueline, the CaSS trustees and others meet (either in person or virtually) to pray each month (during term time) for Sheffield schools. You are very welcome to join us. Please contact us for details of venue, dates and times.

CaSS usually hosts a Pray Day for Schools in November but due to Covid this is not taking place this year. You can still download our PrayDay guide for lots of inspiration for schools-related prayers.

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This downloadable poster of the Lord's Prayer is a lovely resource to put up on a wall, or frame for a gift. In a classroom, you could cut it up into 6 pieces and ask children to put it back into the right order. Click here or on the picture to download the poster.

The Church of England Birmingham regularly produces a leaflet giving nine ways we can be praying for our schools. Although it is produced for Birmingham schools, the prayers suggested are just as relevant to Sheffield schools. Click here to view the latest leaflet.

This prayer activity from Prayer Spaces in Schools encourages students to think about their local community, to reflect on what they think and feel about it, and then to pray for people and places where there is need. Click here to learn about the Prayer Spaces in Schools research project.

The vision of Pray for Schools is to mobilise Christians to support their school communities through prayer. Their website offers great resources and ideas, including this prayer workshop on the armour of God, which are good for school prayer groups.

Make a real commitment to support your local schools through regular prayer. Pray for Schools have produced a short video to highlight the need and to encourage Christians to support schools through prayer.  You can watch it here.

A Prayer for the New School Year

Loving God, let me be strong today
as I meet new people in new places.
Make me brave when I am worried,
show me how to learn from everyone around me,
and help me to do my very best. Amen.


O God, the strength of my life,
make known your will for me in this place:
help me to discover friends among strangers,
to meet opportunities and challenges eagerly,
and to do my daily tasks in your name.
Give me strength to overcome my worries,
and preserve me in your safe keeping,
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

A Prayer for exam stress

From the Church of England:

keep reminding me of the bigger picture over the next few weeks,
keep me in your hands when all other hands disappear,
for I am convinced that neither entry requirements nor exam results,
neither anticipation nor doubts, neither success nor failure, nor any expectations,
neither last minute fears nor anxieties, nor anything else in life,

will be able to separate
us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Please, don't let me forget it!

Text Prayer

If you are working in or supporting a school and you are facing a challenge A.C.T. (Association of Christian Teachers) would love to support you in prayer. Use their free TEXT prayer service by texting 07483 321 643.

Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement which the Archbishop of Canterbury is inviting people around the world to join.

The Wall is a project to build a landmark of 1 million bricks, each brick representing an answered prayer. The Wall will be built alongside a motorway giving it maximum exposure. This could be useful to look at if you are doing a lesson on prayer. You could look at Jews praying at the Western Wall alongside this.

Fiona recently wrote an article for the World Prayer Centre magazine, emphasising the need for God's kingdom to come in schools, and encouraging us to commit to praying for that. You can read the article here.

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