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731 is a not-for-profit organisation that uses the Creative Industries to further the education and skills of serving prisoners, ex-offenders and disengaged young people.

'Serving, inspiring and equipping Christians working in education.' A non-denominational Christian member organisation that provides professional support to Christians engaged in education. Useful reviews, resources and briefing papers. Helps to connect you with the educational issues of the day.

Be Real is campaigning to change attitudes to body image and help all of us put health above appearance and be confident in our bodies. They have produced a downloadable toolkit for schools.

Be Space is a Christian project giving support and advice to churches and schools to set up prayer spaces where people can just 'be'.

The Bible Society seeks to help everyone engage with the life-transforming truths of the Bible; distributing, translating and creating ways to engage with it that are relevant to today's society.

The Boys' Brigade is one of the biggest Christian Youth Organisations in the UK & Republic of Ireland.

Care for the Family is a charity with an aim to promote strong and healthy family life, as well as help those who face family difficulties.

'Making a Christian difference for the sake of the future.' One of CARE’s goals is to assist Christians to understand the social and moral issues in public policy, education and the community. CARE monitors and contributes to the process of influencing education policy and practice. It helps to connect you and involve you with educational issues.

E:merge is a Christian youth work charity working in Bradford and London inspiring young people to transform their lives and communities at home, in school and on the streets.

The Feast is a Christian charity based in Birmingham, working to promote community cohesion between young people of different faiths and cultures.

The Frontier Youth Trust works with young people at risk towards justice, equality and community. They have connections with various youth projects and also produce resources.

The Girls' Brigade's mission is to "provide local community groups where (primarily) girls may develop their skills, explore Christian faith, make friends for life and encounter the hope offered by engaging with God’s offer for us to experience ‘life to the full’."

GSUS Live is a mobile education unit which is a multi-media classroom in a lorry trailer. It tells the story of three teenagers facing real-life issues in their lives, and how they get inspiration from the Bible to deal with their problems.  Aimed at KS3 students.

The Higher Tour wants to 'present the good news of Jesus Christ to tens of thousands of young people and see thousands making a decision to become lifelong disciples of Jesus'. They can visit your school for a day and deliver a blend of assemblies, lessons, workshops and performances. There is no cost to the school.

Hope UK is a national charity providing drug and alcohol education and training for children and young people, parents and youth workers. They equip young people to make drug free choices. Click on the image above to visit the website.

Lifewords is dedicated to helping people discover the good news of the Bible by producing resources for people all over the world.

Lord Wharton's Bible Charity was founded in 1696 and provides free Bibles to children and young people. An application form and more information is on their website.

Make Lunch is a TLG run project working with local churches to provide hot meals for children during school holidays.

In a society where manhood is rarely understood, ManMade is a resource to help teenage lads become young men. Boys rarely mark the transition into manhood, they simply drift into adult life. ManMade is a resource that unpacks this transition with six core values, based on the life of Jesus.

The Meaningful Chocolate Company produces the Real Easter Egg which shares the Easter story through a book included with a fairtrade chocolate egg, supporting charitable projects as a result.

The Naked Truth Project aims to tackle pornography and has some useful advice for parents and carers, including practical help on installing filters on computers and phones.

The Naked Truth Relationships website has many blog posts and resources on the theme of relationships, stemming from a vision to 'equip you for God-centered relationships'.

'Enabling every child to hear the story of the Bible at school in their primary years.' Teams of volunteer storytellers use drama, mime, props and costume to present Bible stories in ways that are lively, engaging, informative and great fun for everyone involved. This is a great way to connect with your local school. Several Sheffield Schools already have OTB teams visiting. Find out more about Open the Book at taster events run by CaSS & friends or on their website.

'Making every school a prayed for school'. The vision of Pray for Schools is to mobilise Christians to support their school communities through prayer. It offers great resources and ideas and is good for school prayer groups.

Prayer Spaces in Schools 'enable children and young people to explore faith and spirituality from a broadly Christian perspective in a safe, creative and interactive way'. They also offer a 9 step guide to setting up a Prayer Space.

Primetime Bradford is a Children and Young People’s Project based in the local community of BD4. Young people are the focus of everything they do and it is their belief that by offering opportunities for children and young people to develop outside of their home and school life, they are helping to ensure young people are heard, valued and understood locally. Primetime Bradford delivers a variety of activities for local children and young people.

Redthread is a charity set up by Christians that supports young people to break their cycle of violence. Redthread supports young people to overcome challenges and obstacles, helping them to become a more integrated part of their local community.

RolltheRock have a vision to see young people change the culture around them in a positive way and provide support and resources to those leading young people, as well as to the young people themselves.

School Pastors

School Pastors is an initiative of Ascension Trust (who also set up the perhaps better known Street Pastors). The role of the School Pastors is to 'promote safety and aim to reduce anti-social behaviour. School pastors are there to listen, care and help young people to become good citizens.' Their website contains lots of information about becoming a School Pastor. Click on the image above to visit the website.

'Resources, inspiration and training for Christian schools work.' This is a really useful site, full of information and excellent creative ideas. It is well worth a visit and highly recommended.

'Using the Bible to inspire children, young people and adults to know God.' Working in schools is one of Scripture Union's main priorities. CaSS is a local mission partner of Scripture Union and receives valuable support from them. SU publishes a number of very useful school related resources and they also run a number of very helpful courses. CaSS recommends their Schools Live online resource - free resources for anyone running a Christian group in a school.

This is a free resource for groups looking to organise an alternative to a Halloween Party. Halloween is also the Christian festival of All Hallows’ Eve and All Saints’ Day, which remembers the lives of those Christians who gave up everything for their faith in Jesus. Most children know nothing of this…

This Way Up is a charity working in schools to reduce the stress and anxiety caused to young people by divorce and bereavement. They help children and young people to unpack their feelings about loss (including death, divorce, separation and moving house). Based in Solihull.

TISCA is an association of teachers and others concerned to promote Christian values in the independent schools of the UK and around the world.

A national Christian education charity providing 1:1 mentoring in  schools with children at risk of exclusion. Watch this video to see some great stories of local churches connecting with local schools to serve children, young people and families through partnership with TLG.

The Ugly Duckling Company produce resources that aim to encourage people to think about the 'big and not so big questions in life'. Their 'table talk' packs of cards are available for different ages and social groups. The 12-14 year old pack explores issues around Identity, Friendships, Technology, Home life, Transition and Opinions.

YFC is a national Christian charity that was founded by Billy Graham in 1946. Working with over 250,000 young people each month, they draw alongside children, teens and young adults from every background and culture in Britain.

The Archbishop of York's Youth Trust Young Leaders Award is a unique active citizenship programme which empowers young people to make a difference in their local community whilst growing in key leadership skills at the same time.

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