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SACRE stands for Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education.

SACRE is constituted by law to advise locally on RE. It has the following duties:

  • To convene an Agreed Syllabus Conference to revise and recommend to us a local Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education (RE) for all maintained schools age 4 to 19 in Sheffield.

  • Monitor the provision of RE in Sheffield schools, preparing an annual report to send to the National Association of Standing Advisory Councils on Religious Education.

  • Advise Sheffield schools on Collective worship and consider requests from Head teachers for a determination to lift the requirement for it to be in the main Christian.

  • Advise Sheffield Schools on matters related to Religious Education and Collective Worship that arise from time to time.

  • Support Community Cohesion within the city.


SACRE meets 3 times each year, at various venues around the city. It is composed of 4 committees each with one vote with a casting vote held by the Chair. It may co-opt members from time to time who have no vote.

For more information about Sheffield SCARE click here.

"Enquiring Minds & Open Hearts: Religious Education for all" - The Agreed Syllabus for RE in Sheffield 2014-2019.

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