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RE Resource boxes for loan

CaSS has a selection of Resource Boxes available to loan to support RE lessons. Many of the resources have been purchased with a grant from the Keswick Hall Trust.


If you are interested in borrowing a resource please contact us. We can arrange to deliver them to you, or for you to collect them from us. There is no charge for borrowing these resources.

Below is an outline of the resource boxes available:

  1. Grief and Bereavement (Primary)
    A large selection of story and factual books exploring different aspects of grief and loss, some suitable for very young children. A folder containing links and resources for ideas and advice on helping children to deal with bereavement. Click here for more information.


  2. Grief and Bereavement (Secondary)
    A selection of books for older children and teenagers dealing with bereavement. A folder containing links and resources for ideas and advice on helping young people to deal with loss. Click here for more information.


  3. Holding crosses
    A set of 30 small wooden crosses designed to be held in the hand during prayer. These are lovely tactile objects.


  4. Crosses
    A large selection of different Christian crosses in a variety of styles and materials. Explore the different materials used and patterns and images on the crosses. Use the excellent 'A-cross the World' textbook included in the box for lesson ideas based on crosses from other countries. Information and pictures about a Lampedusa cross and the Hill of Crosses in Lithuania. Download a blank cross outline here to decorate.


  5. Crosses from El Salvador
    These colourful crosses have been hand painted in El Salvador, in Latin America. We have a collection of 18 different crosses for loan.  CAFOD has some ideas for using crosses from El Salvador. Here are some photos of the crosses being painted, along with a TES Powerpoint.


  6. Mother Theresa
    A selection of books about Mother Teresa, for children of all ages, and adults. A folder of lesson plans and ideas related to Mother Teresa. Watch this 1 minute video about Mother Teresa's life. Be inspired by reading some of the many quotes from Mother Teresa.


  7. Prayer
    This resource is still under development, but includes this beautiful book of prayers called 'In Every Tiny Grain of Sand' from different faiths and ideologies. The illustrations are stunning. There is also the Teenager Prayer Experiment Notebook, and 'Praying with Stuff - Ideas for Hands-on Prayer' which is a simple teacher's guide for prayer activities.

Wooden crosses
Painted wooden crosses
Mother Teresa
'In every tiny grain of sand' book

  8. Values bags

      These bags are full of wooden blocks with different attributes and values stuck on them. You can use them to spark

      conversations about what qualities are seen as valuable in the eyes of the children, our culture and by God.

Values printed on jenga blocks in bags

  9. Transition Boxes

       CaSS has a Transition Box with loads of ideas and items for schools to borrow. Email us if you are interested in

       borrowing it free of charge.

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