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RE Lesson Ideas

Abbé Pierre

A lesson idea about the life of Abbé Pierre, who founded the charity Emmaus. Suitable for year 6+. Click on the image above to download the pdf.


Some ideas for examining anger using the Old Testament story of Moses murdering a slave driver. Click on the face above for the pdf.

Corrie ten Boom

A lesson plan about Corrie ten Boom. Click on the picture above to download the pdf.

David & Goliath

Some ideas for thinking about the big challenges in life after hearing the Old Testament story of David & Goliath. Click on the picture above for the pdf.

Diary of a Disciple

The Diary of a Disciple series is a collection of contemporary children's books, retelling the Gospel. Written by Gemma Willis, Diary of a Disciple's quirky and accessible style offers a way into the Bible for the next generation. You can read about the series and buy the books by clicking on the logo. There are videos of someone reading the stories here.

Christmas RE lesson idea:

Try reading the Christmas story with a class (they would need to be able to see the book). The story of the wise men is not in Luke's gospel and so is not in this book, so you could get the class to write the story of the wise men in a similar writing style.

Doctor Barnardo

A lesson plan about Dr Barnardo for pupils around year 4 age. Click on the image above to download the pdf.

Easter Witness Interviews

CaSS has created a dramatisation of witness interviews for use in an assembly or other gathering at Easter. We hope you find it useful and fun! Click on the image or title to download it.

Eric Liddell Centenary

On 11th July 2024, it will be 100 years since Eric Liddell won gold in the 400m at the Paris Olympics in 1924. As we celebrate the centenary year, you might like to spend time with the children and young people in your group, class or church learning about Eric's inspiring faith and incredible achievements. Here is a list of resources to help you do that. We hope you find them useful. Click on the title or image to download the document.

Florence Nightingale - Facts, Faith and Fame

A lesson idea for looking at the life of Florence Nightingale: her faith, fame and other facts. Click on the picture above to download the pdf.


Can you think of 12 gifts you could give to family and friends without spending any money? This worksheet could be used at Christmas or Epiphany when the wise men gave gifts. Equally it could be used alongside a Biblical story where Jesus gives something to someone e.g. healing, forgiveness. Ideas include love, saying thank you, giving a hug, offering help, sharing, not moaning, friendship, forgiveness etc. Click on the picture above to get the pdf.

Good News at Christmas

Angel Gabriel brought Mary good news. Christians believe that the message of Christmas is good news for all people – God has sent Jesus to rescue people from sin. The word ‘gospel’ means good news. Click on the picture above to download this activity to encourage children to think about some good news they have received.

Gospels in Schools (Bible Society)

Gospels in Schools, one of Bible Society's recently-released education resources, is now being used by over 100,000 children in schools in England and Wales. Written by Sheffield's Huw Thomas (Diocesan Director of Education). Children will hear a different Gospel passage read to them in their classes each week and discuss questions like: ‘If John the Baptist walked in here now, what would he be like?’, ‘What do you think it’s like to be sailing on a boat in a storm?’ and ‘Should you break open a roof to save a friend?’. Click on the image or title to find out more.

Harriet Tubman

A lesson idea about the life of Harriet Tubman. Click on the image above to download the pdf.

Hero? Discuss!

How many superheroes can you name? Can you think of a real life hero? Was/is Jesus Christ a hero and why? This idea can be used as a starting point to discussing the life of any Christian. Click on the picture above to get the pdf.


Lesson ideas based around Moses and the Burning Bush and examining the concept of holiness today. Click on the picture above to get the pdf.

John's Gospel in WWI

During WW1 many millions of copies of the Active Service St. John's Gospels were given out to soldiers. Replica copies are available for a donation from SGM Lifewords.

This lesson plan for KS2 / KS3 looks at stories from soldiers during the WW1 who were given copies of St John's Gospels. Click on the picture or title to get a lesson plan for using the booklets.

Joseph and his coat

A menu of ideas using the Old Testament story of Joseph and his coat. Suitable for RE/PSHE. Click on the picture above to get the pdf.

Lent Lesson Ideas

Simple lesson ideas for Lent. Click on the picture above to get the document.

Martin Luther King Jr.

CaSS has created some worksheets to help you discuss Martin Luther King Jr. with your class. There are two documents of quotes which can be used on screen or printed and cut out as part of an activity. Download the first here and the second here. There is also a sheet with information about him (click on the title or image to download the pdf). We hope you will find them useful.

Mission Impossible?

Mission Impossible? Some ideas for using the story of Moses who was commissioned to 'Let my People Go' as a basis to explore courage and faith. Click on the picture above to get the pdf.

Queen Elizabeth II

CaSS has collated and created several resources about the late Queen Elizabeth II's life, death and Christian faith. Click on the image or title to visit the resource list.

Schoolswork UK

Schoolswork UK has lots of lesson ideas, topics include Respect, Self-harm, Pilgrimage, Capital punishment, and Suffering. Click on the picture above to visit the Schoolswork website.

The Easter Story: Simple Ice Breakers / Activity Ideas

Seven innovative ideas or ice breakers to help discuss the Easter story. Click on the photo above to get the pdf.

The Good Book Company

The Good Book Company has free lesson plans available from their website. Click on the image to find out more.

The Good Samaritan

Some ideas and suggestions for exploring the New Testament story of The Good Samaritan. Click on the picture above to get the pdf.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army website has RE resources for Primary, Secondary and post 16 levels. Subjects include: Salvation Army, Cyber bullying, Faith Hope Love, Jesus, Resolving Conflict, Christmas, Relevance of the Bible and Women. Click on the picture above to access these resources.

The Ten Commandments

An examination of the 10 commandments. Click on the picture above to get the pdf.

What makes a place of worship worth exploring?

Historic England has a great resource and lesson idea to help children and young people think about what makes places of worship special and significant. The information and resources can be adapted according to age group. The resource uses the John Laing Photographic Collection to help pupils explore their local built heritage. It focuses on the places of worship built by John Laing for people of different faiths, all across the country. Click on the logo to find out more.

Why study RE?

Why is RE studied in school? Use this lesson plan to understand, analyse and explore why RE is taught in schools. Click on the picture above to get the docment.

Women in the Bible

Some ideas for exploring the role of women in the early life of Moses and looking at the position of women in the world today. Click on the picture above to get the pdf.

Youthscape Jenga Block Stickers

Youthscape sells removable labels that can be attached to Jenga bricks to create a fun game that sparks big conversations about life, faith, values, hopes and priorities. which can be transformative in the lives of young people.

There are 54 questions, split into three general categories – faith, values, and friendships/relationships – supporting the overall theme of 'foundations'. You play the game as normal but as each brick (and question) is removed, the individual playing follows the instruction on the sticker – either answering the question themselves, choosing someone else to answer, or discussing the question with the whole group. The game continues until the tower is knocked down.

Youthscape Bricks is designed to work in church and community youth groups or schools. You can use the game in 1-2-1 mentoring sessions and in both small or large groups. Click on the logo to visit the Youthscape store.

Zacchaeus - Conversion of a Collaborator

A lesson idea for key stage 3+ about Zacchaeus. Click on the image above to download the pdf.

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