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Festivals - Easter and Lent


Bible Chat Mat

The Diocese of Bath and Wells has a downloadable Bible Chat Mat which is Easter themed. Bible Chat Mats allow people of all ages to read the Bible and have conversation together. They can be coloured in or doodled on. Click on the image or title to visit their website.

Bible Society Easter Story Videos

Bible Society have created two Easter story animated videos for children:

The Awesome Easter Surprise

The Seriously Surprising Story

Easter Matters Resource Pack

Scripture Union has a fantastic new resource pack called Easter Matters. It contains ideas, activities and inspiration to sare Easter with children and young people. Visit their website by clicking on the picture or title.

Easter in a Box

Bristol Schools Connection has a great resource called Easter in a Box - The Movie. The Movie is a simple, fresh and imaginative way for churches to share the Easter story with their local schools. Children are invited to imagine they are on a movie set, watching the filming of ‘Easter – The Movie’. The plot of the movie is revealed as they unpack 6 boxes.

Jesus Died for Me? Easter Resource Pack

Scripture Union has a great free Easter resource pack that you can download from their website. It's called 'Jesus Died for Me?'.

One Friday Project

As part of the One Friday Project to tell the story of Jesus on Good Friday, a set of 14 paintings has been produced that follow the stations of the Cross. You can download them by clicking on the image or title.

They would be a good starting point for an Easter-themed prayer space, looking at questions such as:

  • What makes you feel sad?

  • Who do you want to remember?

  • What do you want to say sorry for?

  • What would you like forgiveness for?

  • How can you help or look after your mum?

The Real Easter Egg

The Meaningful Chocolate Company sells an Easter egg which has an Easter story book in the box, is made of Fairtrade chocolate and supports charitable projects. they also have Easter resources. Why not use the egg or resources for discussion in the classroom?

We were Eyewitnesses - Easter story video

"We Were Eyewitnesses" - the events of Easter seen through the eyes of those who saw it first hand. This short film uses AI generated selfie images of the events of Easter to show what happened from the viewpoint of the people who were eyewitnesses to it. It will be great to use in the classroom or in church groups with children and young people. Click on the title or image to watch it on Youtube.

Youth Trust’s School Resources for Lent

The Archbishop of York’s Youth Trust are providing free Lent resources which invite young people to explore six topics about Faith, Wisdom, Hope, Community, Respect & Dignity, and Action. The free resources are for both Primary and Secondary aged pupils. Click on the logo or title to find out more.

Easter Witness Interviews

CaSS has created a dramatisation of witness interviews for use in an assembly or other gathering. We hope you find it useful and fun! Click on the image or title to download it.

Lent Lesson Ideas

Simple lesson ideas for Lent. Click on the picture to get the document.

Quick and Easy Easter Ice Breaker/Activity Ideas

Seven innovative ideas or ice breakers to help discuss the Easter story. Click on the photo to get the pdf.

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