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The Gift 

The Gift was wrapped in swaddling clothes

And in a manger laid,
A helpless baby lying there

The love of God portrayed.

The world was dark and quiet, but

The angels couldn't keep

Their silence any longer as

They watched the nation sleep-

They broke the sky with glory light,

Their praises rang out clear,

They told the watchful shepherds 'Look

The Gift of God is here.

You'll find Him in a manger and

One day He'll grow to be

The Saviour you've been waiting for-

The Lord and Christ is He!'

(Printable version available here)

From 'The Well Good News of Christmas', available from the Bible Society

'Mary set off travelling, with Joseph right beside,

They walked and talked for miles and miles, till Bethlehem arrived.

With a baby inside Mary, who was going to be King,

When they finally arrived, there was no room at the inn!

So a place was found by haystack and corn,

And in this spot, the baby was born.

So they stayed in the shed where animals fed,

And the baby had straw instead of a bed.'

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