Festivals - Christmas

The Gift

The Gift was wrapped in swaddling clothes

And in a manger laid,
A helpless baby lying there

The love of God portrayed.

The world was dark and quiet, but

The angels couldn't keep

Their silence any longer as

They watched the nation sleep-

They broke the sky with glory light,

Their praises rang out clear,

They told the watchful shepherds 'Look

The Gift of God is here.

You'll find Him in a manger and

One day He'll grow to be

The Saviour you've been waiting for-

The Lord and Christ is He!'

(Printable version available here)

From 'The Well Good News of Christmas', available from the Bible Society

'Mary set off travelling, with Joseph right beside,

They walked and talked for miles and miles, till Bethlehem arrived.

With a baby inside Mary, who was going to be King,

When they finally arrived, there was no room at the inn!

So a place was found by haystack and corn,

And in this spot, the baby was born.

So they stayed in the shed where animals fed,

And the baby had straw instead of a bed.'

Nativity Scene

In Search of Christmas

In Search of Christmas is a trail-based treasure hunt for children and families, using a series of videos to encourage conversation and help crack a code. Videos are accessed by scanning QR codes, as the groups explore the local area. This resource is fun, interactive and engages children in exploring, walking, and sharing their thoughts on the Christmas story. Visit www.su.org.uk/christmastrail to find out more.

SU Christmas.png

Christmas in a Box

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Bristol Schools Connection has a great resource to encourage thought and creativity around the Christmas story. Visit their website for more information.













The Real Advent Calendar

The Meaningful Chocolate Company sells the UK’s only Fairtrade Advent calendar which comes with a free 24 page Christmas story-activity book and supports charitable causes. The Real Advent Calendar is designed to share and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas so that Christ is not written out of Christmas. Why not use it in classrooms as a basis for discussion?

Christmas lesson ideas

Here is an idea for an activity about sharing the good news of Christmas.

Here is a simple activity about the Queen's Christmas speech and her Christian faith.

Fantastic video Resources on Youtube


The Greatest Journey – Bible Society Christmas story for children (2017)

https://youtu.be/ggFqPfbry_o - 3 minutes 32 seconds

The First Christmas – Stop-Go Animation / Claymation (1998)

https://youtu.be/y7T23XV-2Ek - 21 minutes 40 seconds

The Christian Story of the First Christmas | Religions of the World

https://youtu.be/FrTFAZPQxpE - 3 minutes 24 seconds

It Begins in Bethlehem – Our 2020 Christmas story for children

https://youtu.be/D06k9vulAVQ - 4 minutes 47 seconds


The Mystery of the New Noisy Neighbour – Bible Society  Christmas story for children (2018)

https://youtu.be/URMtYSvMJys - 4 minutes 58 seconds


The Christmas Poem –Bible Society Christmas story for children (2015)

https://youtu.be/zD8FjeOYKgU - 4 minutes 9 seconds


The Star (2017) - The Nativity Scene (10/10) | Movieclips

https://youtu.be/poswRRB_2i0 - 4 minutes 56 seconds

The Shepherds Visit Jesus

https://youtu.be/POSvV6mWAYQ - 3 minutes 35 seconds

The Nativity in Makaton

https://youtu.be/pqZaT4Dl4Fk - 20 minutes 21 seconds

Adventure of Christmas

https://youtu.be/qjbjeLyLQUE - 2 minutes 31 seconds

Make Your Own Nativity Set Ideas

Nativity Cut Out template

TLG has a great nativity cut out template to download.

Wooden Artist's Models

​Use wooden artist’s models (tip: they can often be found in charity shops), pieces of fabric and rubber bands. These are ones that CaSS has made.

nativity wooden dolls.jpg

Wooden Spoons
As an example,
Flame Creative Children's Ministry has a great resource for making nativity sets out of wooden spoons.

Toilet Rolls
As an example, Rainy Day Mum has toilet roll nativity crafts (the wise men and Mary and Joseph) on her website.

Lollipop Sticks

As an example, Catholic Sprouts have a lollipop stick and felt nativity craft on their website.

I Heart Arts N Crafts
has a lovely stained glass effect lollipop stick nativity craft on her website.

Egg boxes
As an example, Baker Ross has a great nativity craft made from egg boxes.

The OT Toolbox has a sensory bin egg box nativity on their website.

As an example, Rainy Day Mum has a great nativity craft made from stones.

We have even more Christmas crafts activities on our Christmas Pinterest board. Follow us on Pinterest and take a look!


nativity spoons.jpeg