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Centre for Chaplaincy in Education

This page is an example

so that you can see what it would look like if we used repeaters.

The text in this box is broken up across lines to create a larger text box here

to see how it compares to the boxes below which have less text.

The main problem is that the image is always

the same size, and there is no way to edit the image to make sure that it is cropped correctly and not distorted.

When I spoke to someone

at Wix about our needs she said the only way to do it was to input

individual text boxes and images.
So even Wix says there's no way of making the images look right using repeaters.

Which is ridiculous.

See below for what the rest of the list of items will

look like when using the repeaters function.

Chaplaincy central.png

Chaplaincy Central

This is a test box with little text. See the gap below. Maybe that's not a big issue though?


Christians in Schools Trust

As you can see, when using the repeater function the image/logo is distorted as it is trying to fit into the same size as the image at the top. If I edit the image settings and toggle off 'keep proportions' so that it's not distorted, the image is not stretched but part of it is chopped off instead. Are you happy to have distorted / stretched logos?

Marie Curie.jpe

Marie Curie

What do you think? Is the gap between each box and the distorted image worth it to have the easier job of using repeaters rather than inserting text boxes and images seperately?